Our Programs

International Camps and Tournaments

We expose our players to a more competitive arena by participating in Pro-Soccer Camps and Tournaments in Europe giving our players a chance to compete at the highest level with the best Europe has to offer:

By exposing them to this level of competition, we give the players a chance to evaluate their level of skills whilst getting them motivated to better themselves

Our Weekend Training

MidCity Soccer Academy Training program runs weekly on the weekends (on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon). The coaching sessions are programmed to meet every player’s skill level. Sessions are run by professional coaches who are used to working with, and bring out the best in children.

Training sessions are structured to coincide with school terms and run for 10 - 12 weeks. The courses are normally split in age groups, with each group session lasting for about 1 to 2 hours as indicated in our training curriculum.

Each sessions includes a number of competitive, tactical and technique training, both individual and team, to help develop the skills and ability of each individual player, and the overall performance of the team and the academy.

Player Development

Our unique player-focused academy curriculum far surpasses any other residency or academy training program.

We aim to develop a complete soccer player who is ready to compete and excel at the collegiate, professional and national team level. Each training session is designed to develop players’ technical, tactical, physical and psychological skills

Soccer Vacation Program

This program is designed to combine rigorous soccer training with cultural activities in Mombasa, Kenya. Our training methodology enhances the player's overall understanding of soccer as a culture, rather than just a game.

Soccer is taught and embraced differently overseas, this serves as a tremendous platform to educate our players in a professional Kenyan environment, with the choice of attending for one, two, or four weeks.

Mid City serves as a great tool for players looking to reach their individual goals as soccer players without having to seek a long-term exchange program, in addition to experiencing many cultural activities that the historical city of Mombasa has to offer.

Professional Program

This is a fully immersive program that offers the opportunity to train, develop and be identified by international scouts from Local and European professional clubs. The program provides the exposure, pathway and placement of the exceptional, committed soccer player, that has ambitions of playing the game at the highest level.