Who We Are


Midcity Soccer Academy was established in 2019 to provide skill development programs and help grow talent of less fortunate young players and assist them move from grass root football to major football players through world leading football programs. The love and commitment to the game has continued to grow the academy with approximately 250 players within our Nairobi and Mombasa branches.

MidCity SA Training program runs weekly on the weekends (i.e. On Saturday morning & Sunday afternoon) and during holidays. The coaching sessions are programmed to meet every player’s skill level. Sessions are run by professional coaches who are used to working with, and bring out the best in children. Training sessions are structured to coincide with school terms and run for 10 - 12 weeks. The courses are normally split in age groups, with each group session lasting for about 1 to 2 hours as indicated in our training curriculum. Each sessions includes a number of competitive, tactical and technique training, both individual and team, to help develop the skills and ability of each individual player, and the overall performance of the team and the academy.

Mission Statement

Our mission is:-

  • To provide an opportunity for all elite youth to play soccer in an encouraging and rewarding environment.
  • To engage both the less fortunate and community around us by making football experience more enjoyable and rewarding through team work, fun and skills development that fits his or her ability.

The Vision

It is our vision to:-

  • Help youth learn lifelong skills and values such as good communication skills and strong leadership traits through soccer.
  • Help build a promising future for the children of Mid City and leave a legacy with a lasting and meaningful impact on youth.
  • Encourage, enable and inspire participation in soccer among children in our community.

Our Core Values

  • Passion for Soccer
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Transparency
  • Team Work
Executive Message

Soccer is viewed by many as a major sporting event in the world. The game of football has resulted to skill development in many nations across the globe and has contributed in enriching individuals. Besides, sport in general and football in particular have emerged as a single unifying factor, even in the moment of political, ethnic and socio-religious tension and feuds. Nations across the world have united behind this game. Football has bridged racial divide and brought people of other nation into a union of oneness.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to be an academy of excellence in the delivery of football experience and known for developing first class soccer by engaging, recruiting and developing quality coaches to make sure that Mid City Soccer Academy will be the best football club we can be.

Football Opportunities

Each player is given the chance to train and play on local matches.


Our coaches are highly skilled within minimal level CAF license C and backed by regularoccer clinics and coach trainings

Our Events

Atleast twice in a year we will have football international matches that will give our players exposure opportunity for our players to be scouted.


We communicate regularly and effectively with both our players and parents/guardians.

Player Evaluation Grading

This process guarantees growth and development of football skills and prole and categories to become future football stars.

Mid City Sports Trust

Our affiliate mid city sports trust sponsors talented players for training and international tournament participation.

The Team

J. Chamia


T. Verheijke


B. K. Mbuvi


J. Matheka


B. Leitich


M. Ngujiri